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The Plan (or, how to over complicate a project)

Note: this post is WIP. Will update to fact check, and add photos where relevant.

I shall preface this with: while I would welcome advice from anyone and everyone, as I have little direct experience with what I want to do, the intention of this project is not to make life easy for me. In fact, finding easy solutions appear to, for the most part, be against my goals. I joke about being a masochist when it comes to my projects. There is some truth to this, but the primary point is that I am learning. I find it far, far more fun to take the difficult route and learn all of the pitfalls along the way. I am not under any time constraints, so why should I do it quickly and learn nothing? I’ll take the easy route when it comes to my professional life. Now, I have no deadlines. For these reasons, if anyone suggests things like, using SD card adaptors, emulators, or anything else ‘modern’, I will probably ignore, or argue with it. I am fully aware that these things would make my life easier, but allow me a little pain, ok?

There is also a LOT of yak shaving going on. Most of it for the same reasons as above.

So, what is the project? What are the end goals?

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The beginning

I’ve thrown this site up to document one of my hobbies, for I have many. This particular one centers around computers. Now they would mostly be called classic computers, old computers, vintage computers, or maybe retro computers, depending on your leaning. To me though, they are just computers. They are what I grew up with, they are, in part what I am using now. “Modern” computers interest me to some extent, but they have become too standardised that any one of them holds much fascination to me right now.

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