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Published by nistur on Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Obviously, no collection like this is ever complete. There are always more bits I could add to it. But I wanted to just add somewhere that I could maintain a list of the things which are most interesting for me to acquire next.

Atari Falcon030
It’s expensive, and I have no real use for it… but I can dream, right?

Atari Falcon030
I didn’t just make a copy paste mistake. While I’m dreaming, I’d love to have two of these. Why? Because I’d want to keep one stock, and then upgrade one to a Falcon060. I could even get a badge for it.

Atari MegaST keyboard
I picked up a MegaST2, but it didn’t have a keyboard. While I can get around it in my current use case, I would quite like a keyboard in order to complete it properly.

Commodore 64
I already own a C64C, but I am kind if yearning for a classic breadbin.

Commodore 128
I would love to have put a D on the end of that… Apart from the fact I’d like one of these machines in my collection, I’m looking at doing some C64 development, and being able to.do it on a slightly more capable machine is always nice.

Commodore 1702, 1084 etc
I’d like to have ‘the correct’ monitor to hook up to my C64 rather than just plugging it into my TV

Commodore 1541, 1571 etc
I already have one 1541 floppy drive in my collection but if I’m being honest, I’d like some more. Having two drives is especially useful for doing development, and I’d quite fancy a 1541-II, to go with the styling of my C64C.

IBM PS/2 Model 30
I am currently lacking any (functioning) DOS machines, and as I had one of these when I was growing up, I would love another one. They are expensive and reasonably difficult to get a hold of, but I do definitely want one.

486 DX2
I think I went straight from the PS/2 to a Pentium, growing up, so I have less emotional attachment to the intermediate tech (and from Pentium onwards, they get pretty boring) but I would kind of like a decent mid-90s machine for all my DOS needs.

Any Spectrum
I currently own exactly zero Sinclair tech. Or the later Amstrad-made Spectrums for that matter. I do have a Soviet spectrum 48k clone, but I haven’t dared plug it into anything yet. I need to get a multimeter out to try to figure out what the pinout of the identical DIN plugs are.

Software and games
I am interested in anything fun and interesting for any of the platforms I own (and some for platforms I do not yet) however, given the relatively small amount of time that I have to play around with things, and the fact that I want to be productive, these will predominantly be for enlarging the collection on my shelf. This is not to say that they will only stay there, I will certainly get them out and play them (very) occasionally, but given the limited time, what would make me happier is the collection aspect, so I will only realistically be looking for big box copies of games at this point, with a few exceptions. Also because I can be picky at this point, I’m only really looking to get original releases, not re-releases, as they almost always look much nicer. I am looking specifically for any adventure games (point and click, text or otherwise) and have my eye on some Magnetic Scrolls games.